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Perhaps few countries evoke such a sense of mystery imbued in a timeless culture as Japan. From the ancient samurai to sumo wrestling there is something about the eastern country that is shrouded in mystique.

Japan Travel

This is why a holiday in the country is such a rich and rewarding experience. From the natural delights of the cherry blossom season Japan via the fun fertility festival of Kanamara Matsuri or Japan Penis Festival, to skiing in Hokkaido and taking an onsen beneath the majestic Mount Fuji, there is so much to do in this most amazing country. That the land of the rising sun is not only about tradition and history can be witnessed during the Setouchi Triennale, one of the island’s biggest festivals of modern art. If you have missed the one in 2019, then pencil 2022 in your agenda – it only occurs every three years.

Japan Capital: Tokyo

The capital Tokyo is one of the most vibrant and throbbing cities in Asia. But even within this sprawling testament to modern man, you can still find space for your own yen in the wonderful Imperial Gardens.

Japan Food

However, it is the country’s food which perhaps stands high above all the other attractions on offer. From sushi to sashimi, udon and ramen noodles and teppanyaki grill, the choice seems endless. Just make sure you take advantage of eating in a traditional Japanese house. For the cuisine is as much about ceremony as it is the quality and freshness of the food.

Cherry Blossom Japan

Cherry Blossom Season Japan 2020

The Cherry Blossom Season Japan or sakura is one of the country’s top highlights every year when locals and visitors gather to admire the stunning, blooming cherry trees in parks…

Setouchi Triennale Japan

Setouchi Triennale 2019, Japan

Every three years the Setouchi Triennale, one of Japan’s biggest festivals of modern art, takes place in the south-west of the country. Come spring this exceptional celebration…

Sapporo Summer Festival Japan

Sapporo Summer Festival 2019

Lasting a whole month from mid-July to mid-August, the Sapporo Summer Festival 2019 is packed with a variety of cultural, musical, gastronomical and fireworks events attracting…

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