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Luang Prabang: Laos Past or Future?

Luang Prabang: Laos Past or Future?

Searching for peace, quiet and beauty, Johan Smits finds in Luang Prabang a stunning little town at a crossroads. One tropical evening we find ourselves sitting in the nearly empty…

Less is More in Laos

Less is More in Laos

The more I travel, the more I come to appreciate the beauty of less. It is many years now since the Lonely Planet books helped to achieve precisely the opposite…

Locked up in Laos

Locked up in Laos

A former prison, the Hotel de la Paix Luang Prabang, exudes a sense of calm in keeping with the ancient Laos capital. Words by Mark Bibby Jackson. If all prisons…

Interested in Laos?

Sandwiched between China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, Laos is a country that is often by-passed on a tour through Southeast Asia. That is a pity because the friendliness of its people and the outstanding natural environment make the Lao People’s Democratic Republic a wonderful country to visit.

Laos Capital

Set on the banks of the Mekong, the capital, Vientiane, is a welcoming place to start your travels, with its rich culture and great restaurants.

Luang Prabang and 4,000 Islands

Laos’ stand-out city is the UNESCO preserved Luang Prabang in the north of the country, which challenges Hoi An in Vietnam for the most beautiful city in Southeast Asia. However, really any visit should focus on the still relatively unspoilt environment, especially the lazy backwater paradise of the 4,000 islands in the south of the country.

Beer Lao

Whether you visit the country for the great outdoors or its long culture, make sure you try the local brew. Beer Lao is excellent, especially when taking the heat off the spicy, local food.

Laos Currency and Population

The currency is the kip and the population is just over 7 million.