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Interested in LGBTQ+?

It might seem perverse, but as most of the World is becoming more accepting towards the LGBTQ+ community so certain parts of the world are becoming more entrenched in their attitudes towards LGBT travel.

Gay Travel Friendly Countries

Fortunately, there seems to be an abundance of websites and reports into the countries that are a safe gay travel destination and those that are not. Typically Nordic countries, such as Iceland, Norway and Sweden fair well in terms of tolerance as does Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and above all Canada. Unfortunately, the USA is not so enlightened, as rights and attitudes vary widely from state to state.

Safe LGBTQ+ Travel

Before setting off for a country it is best to chack what its attitude is towards the LGTQ+ community. Homosexuality is still illegal in many countries, and same sex marriage punnshable by death in some. Perhaps you might also consider booking your holday with a LGBTQ travel agency or one of several LGBT travel companies. You can also buy a LGBTQ travel guide.

LGBTQ+ Festivals

While developing your travel plans it is also a good idea to check out what LGBTQ+ festivals are happening. There are Pride festivals in many countries around the world, with the Pride of the Americas (see main photo) one of the stand out of such celebrations. You are sure of receiving a firendly reception there.

Gay Travel and Travel Begins at 40

At Travel Begins at 40, we will keep you up to date with some of the best LGBTQ+ festivals around the world, as well as reports on the most safe places for gay travel. Check out our regular news updates for the latest information. Make your travels safe and have a great time.