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Machu Picchu


Interested in Machu Picchu?

Considered as one of the wonders or the world by many, Machu Picchu, once part of the Incan Empire, was missed by the pillaging Spanish then later abandoned. It was built without mortar in the hallmark Incan style and the classic photo of the settlement below its pyramidal mountain is an iconic image of Peru. After the forest reclaimed it, it became one of the famous lost cities.

Machu Picchu weather

Remember that it is in the southern hemisphere so summer comes from November to March, which is precisely when the rainy season is. The rest of the year is better for visits, though it gets particularly busy from June to August.

Machu Picchu facts

Over 1,400,000 people visited the site in 2017.

Machu Picchu tours

The train can take you from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, which is the final stop. From here the final part is done in a short bus trip. The rail journey is well worth the while in itself. If you wish to be pampered whilst in the region, there are many possibilities.

Machu Picchu trek

Those that choose to walk the Inca Trail should typically allow four days. The first three are walking, though the fourth should be different and spectacular. This one is a short walk to a vantage point to see the sun rise over the ruins then you have a day at the site. You can rough it, or travel in comfort.