Topic: Myanmar

A beautiful and amazing country bordering India, Bangladesh, Thailand, China and Laos in Southeast Asia, for many years Myanmar was isolated from the rest of the world due to its military junta. In recent times, a tourism explosion has been halted due to the Rohingya crisis.

Myanmar Travel

There are valid arguments for and against travelling to the country over the Rohingya issue. Certainly the country’s government towards the minority Muslim group has been abhorrent, but should the normal people who depend upon travel for their livelihoods suffer as a consequence? Let your conscience decide. What we can assure you is that if you decide to travel to the country you will discover unrivalled beauty, a welcoming people and a landscape still far from overrun by mass tourism.

Myanmar or Burma

The official name of the country is Myanmar, although many people prefer to call it by its former name of Burma. However, the Burmese are just one of a number of peoples who live in this fractured country. So, calling it Burma is a a bit like referring to Britain as England.

Myanmar Capital

Not many people visit the country capital of Naypyidaw and there is good cause for this. A Disneyland of a capital city, it is a place where few live dominated by government buildings and huge multi-lane highways.

Let the adventure begin.