Topic: Nature

Research shows that when human beings engage with nature it brings tranquillity and contentment.

Natural images

Amazingly, new species of flora and fauna are being discovered all the time on this planet by their hundreds, whilst sadly existing species are at the threat of extinction through the destruction of their natural habitats. Naturalists working in natural history museums and other centres across the globe catalogue all living species, providing comprehensive documentation for the enthusiasts.

Nature holidays

Nature and wildlife holidays are offered to travellers globally, including safaris in Africa and world-wide animal sanctuaries working with injured or abused animals. Bird watching in wetlands can be a popular if sedentary pastime. Travellers should aim to see orangutans in Borneo, lions in the Masai Mara and elephants in Asia as sadly they are all threatened with extinction through destruction of their habitats and illegal poaching. When will humanity ever learn?

Nature trails

Nature trails usually pass through areas of historic or natural beauty. There are many challenging routes across the globe, including The Inca Trail of Machu Piccu, Mount Kilmanjaro and the Appalachian Trail. There are also a plethora of less strenuous trails involving gentler gradients in very varied locations, such as Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, some of the Norwegian fjords and the scenic state of Connecticut in the US. But you can also appreciate nature in urban settings. Just one popular example is the spectacular annual Cherry Blossom Season Japan or sakura, attracting thousands of spectators admiring the stunning blooming cherry trees in parks and streets all over the country.

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