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Things To Do in Maastricht in a Day

Things To Do in Maastricht in a Day

After visiting Rotterdam, Mike East planned to spend just a few rushed hours in Maastricht; however, the city trapped him with unexpected charms. It was supposed to be a hop…

Interested in Netherlands?

One of the smallest countries in Europe, the Netherlands is a great place to lose yourself, especially in the coffee shops of its capital Amsterdam. Rich with culture – they don’t call them the Dutch masters for nothing – a trip to this country is sure to leave you richer, at least spiritually.

Netherlands Amsterdam

The capital city is one of the greatest cities in Europe full of exciting galleries, great bars, canals and of course those coffee shops. However, there is so much more to enjoy throughout the country, especially if you take a trip to the beaches in the north.

Netherlands Population

The country’s population is 17,105,099 (4 December, 2018).

Netherlands or Holland?

Unusual for us Brits to get things wrong – don’t mention Brexit – the correct name for the country is not Holland, but the Netherlands. In fact, Holland is a region to the west of the country. Saying a Dutch person is from Holland is a bit like telling a Brit he is from England – and we all know how well that goes down in Scotland. As for Dutch, well it’s a corruption of Deutsch, which means German. Well, we can’t get it right all of the time.

Netherlands Train

Now that Eurostar has trains from London St Pancras to Amsterdam there has never been a better time to visit the country. Or you can always pop across on the ferry before they pull up the drawbridge. Don’t wait.