Topic: New York

Despite attempts in cities all over the world to replicate the pace, architecture and buzz of New York they are pale imitations in comparison to the city that never sleeps. It is like you are plugged into the mains.

New York Skyline

Probably one of the best ways to view the New York Skyline and Manhattan is to take a boat along the Hudson River to New York Harbour with the Statues of Liberty beckoning. Alternatively there are walking tours, aeroplane trips and there is always the Empire State Building. Tom Hanks might even be there to meet you at the viewing area of this nostalgic building.


It is the dream of most actors to play on Broadway and it can be a make or break career move as critics can be very candid. There is an immense glamour to just wandering around the lit up theatres, bars and restaurants, perhaps trying a dry martini pre theatre, James Bond style and then going to a restaurant hoping that some of the stardust will rub off.

New York Museums

There are so many museums to choose from to fit every possible taste that the traveller needs to be selective in the extreme. Probably the most famous are The Natural History and the Guggenheim Museums.

Let the adventure begin.