Topic: New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the South Western Pacific, 1,500 kilometres from Australia. It is divided into two land masses, the North and South Islands. Wellington is the capital city.

New Zealand North Island

North Island is stunning geographically with volcanoes, mountains and coastal areas. Its main city is Auckland with its eight-lane Auckland Harbour Bridge. Surrounded by sea, Auckland Harbour is a sought after location for sailing enthusiasts. Visit the spectacular Waitoma Caves, the Tongarira National Park and Lake Taupo.

New Zealand South Island

Separated from North Islands by the Cook Straits, South Island is a place of lakes, rushing rivers and mountains with a lunar-like landscape, South Island will be remembered particularly by many as the setting of the film Lord of the Rings. Get out and explore it. Visit Aorak Mount Cook National Park and the Tasmin Glacier. Magical.

Flora and Fauna

New Zealand has a most unusual ecology. The only indigenous mammals are seals and two species of bats. There are, however, six thousand different species of fungi and beetles. Animals that have been introduced from other countries are sometimes destructive to the natural habitat, such as rabbits, possum, deer and wild pigs. There are dolphins and whales in the sea.

New Zealand Haka

The haka is a dance of the Maoris, the country’s indigenous population. Always performed before a rugby match, it is supposed to terrify opponents.

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