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Svart: the Future of Hotels

Svart: the Future of Hotels

Climate-Friendly Travel Writer, Mark Bibby Jackson chats with Ivaylo Lefterov, Development Director of Svart Norway, a hotel concept that is set to revolutionise the global sustainable hotel industry. Quite simply…

Interested in Norway?

Norway is without a doubt one of Europe’s most impressive countries. From spectacular fjords and magnificent coastal landscapes to historical cities and modern architecture – while the northern lights of Finnmark (Lapland) are soul-stirring.

Things to do in Norway

This country is heaven for nature lovers and hikers where breathtaking vistas combine with stunning fauna and flora. Walk the old pilgrim’s route between Oslo and Trondheim through pretty villages and passing idyllic lakes, meandering rivers, ancient forests and desolate tundra. But it’s also home to cosmopolitan cities. Here, a passion for design and architecture complements a sophisticated food scene and a thriving urban culture.

Norway fjords

The more than 1,000 Norwegian fjords are amongst the most spectacular ones in the world with some of them recognised as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Take a cruise through one of them and never forget the extraordinary beauty of its deep blue waters, gushing waterfalls and snow-capped mountains.

Norway weather

Its weather is milder than you would expect but varies a lot from region to region. Click here to check the latest forecasts.