Topic: Photography

One of the best ways of ensuring that those precious memories of your holiday are preserved is through photography – whether that is through Instagram or the traditional holiday snap.

Digital Cameras and Smart Phones

Taking photographs used to be a laborious process, often with disappointing outcomes, but since the advent of digital cameras and more recently smart phones with their high performance cameras, taking excellent holiday photographs has become a much simpler task.

Travel Photography Competitions

If you are serious about your art, you can even enter one of the many competitions, and who knows you might even win a prize.

Photography Tours

Another way of using your camera while travelling is to sign up for a photo tour where you will be guided by a professional photographer and travel with like-minded enthusiasts. This is an excellent way of gaining a greater understanding of local cultures, as well as ensuring you return with photographs that will make all your relatives and friends envious.

Image – courtesy of Nathan Horton Photography Tours

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