Topic: Responsible Tourism

When we established this website part of the ethos was to provide a trusted source of information on responsible tourism and ethical travel for the over 4o traveller.

Ethical Travel

For us, ethical travel covers a wide ambit from responsible and sustainable travel to eco-tourism, but basically it means forming a partnership with local communities in a two-way process, rather than exploiting them.

Plastic Free Tourism

One such measure is to refrain from using plastic bottles while travelling or at least to minimise your use of single use plastic. I still reuse the same plastic bottle I purchased down a supermarket somewhere many months down the line.

Community-based Tourism

A great example of how tourism can work well is community-based tourism. This should mean that not only does the local community share the sustainable benefits of tourism but that it has control of the direction that the tourism takes as well.

Not Just Meaningless Acronyms

Unfortunately, there is a danger of ethical considerations becoming part of a meaningless PR-driven CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) exercise. However, our intention is to highlight those tourism companies that are really trying to make a difference. Working together we can make a difference too. And if you’d like to carbon offset your trip, we’ve written a guide for that too, clarifying the potential pitfalls of carbon offsetting.