Topic: Ski

Whether it is traditional Alpine and cross-country skiing, or snowboarding and freestyle skiing, ski holidays have become increasingly popular and accessible the world over, even in non-traditional winter sports countries.

History of Skiing

Even our prehistoric ancestors knew how to inject a bit of fun into winter by strapping early skis onto their feet for hunting and travelling. The earliest skis date to between 8,000 and 7,000 BCE. Today, with things like heli skiing and specialised skiing apps, we’ve truly come a long way.

Ski Resorts

From a 40-plusser’s first-time skiing in Niseko, Japan to hitting the slopes and ice skating in undiscovered Almaty, Kazakhstan, check out our first-hand experiences of skiing resorts.

Ski Deals

You can also browse here the offers and deals for skiing and winter holidays we publish from specialised travel operators.

Ski Fun

So whether you’re a virgin on the slopes or a super hero on snow, take advantage of the increasing number of winter fun options on offer year on year.

European Ski Resorts for Groups

Skiing has always been a popular activity for groups with thousands of holidaymakers taking to the slopes each year to eat, drink, laugh and, of course, ski together, but it can also be a way of saving…

Let the adventure begin.