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5 Wellness Destinations in Estonia

5 Wellness Destinations in Estonia

With sauna culture remaining a significant part of Estonian life for hundreds of years, it is unsurprising that the country is ideal for a wellness holiday.  Combining ancient traditions with innovative modern…

Fairmont Windsor Park Opens January

Fairmont Windsor Park Opens January

Fairmont Windsor Park, located on the edge of Windsor Great Park and The Savill Garden, is the UK’s newest luxury spa and wellness hotel officially opening 1 January 2022. Setting an unprecedented standard in the UK…

Interested in Spa?

Spa resorts and hotels are there to provide the guest with health and beauty treatments in a relaxing atmosphere. They range from the very expensive to the more manageable day sessions.

Natural Spas

There are some dramatically located natural spas throughout the world. Pammukale in Western Turkey is an amazing sight, with its therapeutic waters trickling down its luminous white rocks from the hillside above. Another unforgettable experience is Iceland’s Geothermal Spa built on a lava field. Perhaps not as exotic, you could try a touch of Jane Austin and use the Blue Lagoon Thermal Bath Spa in the UK City of Bath. Jane Austin’s heroines probably wouldn’t have ventured into the waters however – too unladylike. For a more esoteric experience, wind down in the radon-infused waters of the Tajik mountain sanatorium Khoja Obi Garm, Soviet style, or cover yourself with mineral-rich Korean mud during the Boryeong Mud Festival and let its healing properties do their work. But for the ultimate spa experience, head to the Belgian town of Spa, famous since the 16th century as a health resort and where the English word spa comes from.

Natural Thermal Lake

Heviz, a town in Hungary, is known worldwide for its thermal qualities. It is on the edge of Lake Heviz which has 4.5 hectares of thermal waters. This therapeutic lake is fed from mineral springs and swimming is possible throughout the year, as the temperature hardly ever falls below 23C.

Spa Hotels

There are many hotels offering spa breaks with products to pamper you and massages to get you into shape. They range from the high end secluded luxury boutique hotels to others that offer very reasonably priced weekend or day breaks. There are an increasing number of wellness resorts that allow you to detox and recharge your batteries. If your pocket doesn’t reach to that, contact some of your home town’s spa hotels and see what deals they have.