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Interested in Sport?

We all know that participating in sport is key to remaining fit and healthy, especially as we are getting on in years. But how many of us are actively sporty during our holidays? There are many ways that we can maintain our fitness levels and have fun even during our travels.


Increasing numbers of people are choosing to go on cycling holidays, in addition to keeping fit, this often allows you to see more remote parts of the country that tour buses and hire cars fail to reach. Our pages are full of ideas on how you can join an organised cycling tour through remote parts of the country.

Extreme Sports

Extreme sports, such as Ironmen, can also provide you with the opportunity to travel the world. Although these events need lots of training and preparation, the sense of fulfilment at the end makes all that hard work worth it.


Nor does a sport holiday have to be limited to the summer months. Skiing and snowboarding are great ways of being active on your winter holidays as well as having great fun, especially with the apres piste.