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Rewilding at Fritton Lake Norfolk

Rewilding at Fritton Lake Norfolk

On his UK staycation, James Clark travels to the Somerleyton Estate managed Fritton Lake, Norfolk, between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft to discover all about rewilding. As a child, Fritton Lake…

1066 Country and All That

1066 Country and All That

The area around Hastings might be called 1066 Country, but as Mark Bibby Jackson discovers there is more to pique your historic interest than the Battle of Hastings and all…

Interested in Staycation?

With many people worried about hopping on a plane or even taking the train overseas, the year 2020 suddenly has become the year of the staycation. Taking a domestic holiday seems a lot more attractive to people in the time of coronavirus, especially as you can take control of your holiday environment while exploring new parts of your country.

Staycation Meaning

If you are wondering what exactly is a staycation you are not alone. Initially it meant a holiday, or vacation to use the American vernacular, where you stayed at home. Typically this would involve a series of day-trips from your home rather than travelling somewhere. However, in more recent times it has taken on a more inclusive meaning to include any holiday that you take in your own country, even if this involves staying a week in a castle in Scotland, or a yurt in Norfolk.

Staycation UK

If you live in the UK, you are fortunate enough to be blessed with numerous opportunities for staycation holidays. If you are planning a London staycation then perhaps you would like to rest up in a luxurious hotel such as The Stafford, or why not rent a UK cottage for your domestic vacation. The New Forest is one of our favourite spots in the UK, as is the Lake District where you can have a very active holiday.

Staycation Ideas

Below you will see a whole series of articles to inspire you to do something more interesting on your domestic holiday, and who knows you might even learn a new skill along the way as well. We also have a whole series of articles inspiring you to explore the UK, from a Cornwall holiday, to visiting Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, or travelling to North Yorkshire where you could stay in an Edwardian manor house or traipse over Whitby Abbey.