Topic: Sweden

From the barren Arctic in the north to sophisticated Stockholm in the south, Sweden is a country full of diverse attractions for the over 40 holiday maker. With great food, a rich culture and amazing outdoors including the northern lights, the Scandinavian country has to be on your bucket list of places to visit.

Sweden Stockholm

Stockholm, the capital, is a wonderful city, especially around the picture-postcard Gamla Stan, its old centre. In summer, few thing compare with a trip around its archipelago, where every resident seems to have a summer house.

Sweden Population and Currency

The country’s population is just over 10 million people, which is slightly higher than London. The currency is the krona, which is roughly 10 to the US dollar, depending upon the exchange rate at the time.

Sweden Weather

Characterised by lengthy winter nights and long summer days, decide whether you like prefer snow or midnight sun when determining the timing of your Swedish holidays.

Footbridge at Hornborgasjön - Photo Jonas Ingman -

Explore the Outdoors in West Sweden

National parks, nature reserves and walking trails – West Sweden is the perfect destination for anyone who loves outdoor activities. Watch the cranes dance at Lake Hornborgasjön, experience life beneath…

Let the adventure begin.