Topic: Taiwan

Formerly known as Ilha Formosa or Beautiful Island in Portuguese, Taiwan offers far more than you could ever wish from a small island. Rugged mountains, tropical forest and scenic lakes alternate with sandy beaches and steep cliffs, while Taipei is one of Asia’s most sophisticated capitals.

Things to do in Taiwan

Hike the country’s mountains and national parks, explore its diverse cities and towns, shop for some of the world’s best tea and experience its popular festivals.

Food in Taiwan

Here you can find some of Asia’s most diverse and sophisticated cuisine. It’s no coincidence that ‘Have you eaten?’ is a common greeting amongst locals.

Culture and History

The island’s tumultuous history stretches back some 30,000 years. Its rich story is told by age-old traditions, world-famous collections of ancient Chinese art and a thriving contemporary arts scene to be enjoyed all over the country.

Taiwan language

Amongst the three official languages, Mandarin is the primary one alongside the island’s aboriginal languages and Hakka Chinese.

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