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Nowruz or Persian New Year 2024

Nowruz or Persian New Year 2024

Experience the opulence of Nowruz – or Persian New Year – in March with an abundance of food, music and hospitality in one of many Persian-heritage countries. Nowruz Meaning Nowruz…

Slowing Down in the Sanatorium

Slowing Down in the Sanatorium

Looking for a break from Dushanbe, Johan Smits unwinds in a Tajik mountain sanatorium – Soviet style. If someone asked you to sit naked on a bottomless chair and have…

Interested in Tajikistan?

One of the world’s least known countries, landlocked Tajikistan in the heart of Central Asia is a true discoverer’s paradise for the intrepid traveller and has started earning itself a place on the global tourist map.


From the unexplored Alpine region of Fannski Gori to the legendary Pamirs, its stunning mountains are undoubtedly the country’s biggest asset. But its ancient culture and history come a close second. Nowruz or Persian New Year, which is held every year in March, is perhaps the best occasion to witness Tajikistan’s Persian culture and heritage with an abundance of food, song and dance.

Tajikistan Population

Its nine million strong population are predominantly ethnic Tajiks professing Sunni Islam while the people of the autonomous Pamir region speak their own language and follow the Ismaili branch of Shia Islam. There are also ethnic Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Russians and others.

Tajikistan Capital

Dushanbe is where the Soviet Union’s legacy is most visible but a frenzied construction boom currently threatens to transform this pleasant city beyond recognition.

Tajikistan visa

Most countries can now apply for a visa online via the Tajik government website