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Tuk Tuk


Interested in Tuk Tuk?

There is something about the word – even its onomatopoeic sound – that brings a smile to my face. Tuk tuk. Much more than a mode of transport, the vehicle is as much a statement of life, a willingness to let the world drift by as you slowly wind your way through the chaotic streets of Southeast Asia.

Tuk Tuks in Cambodia

Having sampled various forms of the vehicle throughout Southeast Asia and India, I regard myself as something of an expert on the subject. The Cambodian take on the vehicle is easily the most comfortable and relaxing, while those in India should only be entered if dared to by someone much smaller than you – and then only alone.

Tuk Tuk Tours

However, my favourite and most recommended travel experience was while driving one around northern Thailand for 11 days. If you have the opportunity to join such a tour then I really do suggest you do so.

Travelling in Southeast Asia

When travelling around there are certain precautions you should take, such as ensuring that your bags are safe, and be careful if you take any photos, as it is not unknown for your camera or phone to be snatched from you.