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Interested in Venezuela?

Venezuela is famous for winning more beauty pageants than any other nation (and it takes this very seriously), yet it should also be famous for its potential for tourism and its incredible sights.

Major Tourism Attractions

The country hosts three uniquely incredible destinations that the rest of the world cannot match. The most well known is Angel Falls, the highest cascade in the world. In the Andes Mountains at Merida the longest cable car in the world goes high above the snow line. Lastly, there is the Catatumbo natural fireworks show. Alternatively why not discover Margarita island, which is like stepping back in time.

Venezuelan Festivals

If you can time your visit to the country try to make it for the Dancing Devils of Yare , one of the most spectacular festivals in the South America, held in june.

Venezuela Money an Language

The currency is the Venezuelan bolivar and the language is Spanish.

Capital of Venezuela

The capital is Caracas. Many travellers move on quickly as the country has so much to offer elsewhere.

The Venezuelan Economy

Venezuela has been suffering a severe economic recession alongside fierce recession. Many Venezuelans have left the country in search of work.

Other Tourist Attractions

Venezuelans are crazy about the beach and the country has many great ones including Morrocoy and Choroni, though for something a bit more special there are the islands of Los Roques, white sand beaches and a turquoise sea. And of course there is always the friendliness of the people.