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Interested in Estonia?

The former Soviet state celebrated its centenary in 2018 with a flurry of celebrations across the country.

Estonia Capital

The Estonian capital of Talinn is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe, and is well worth a visit, especially with relatively inexpensive flights from the UK.

Estonia Flag

The flag consists of three horizontal stripes – blue, black and white. The flag was banned during Soviet times.

Celebrations and Festivals

If you are into weird festivals then Estonia might be the country for you. From howling with wolves, to bog walking and even wife carrying, there is a celebration whatever your peccadillo.

Estonia Weather and Christmas Trees

While it must be confessed that the country is not exactly blessed with the most wonderful climate, the snow does assure you of the most picturesque Christmas Market. And it was in Talinn that the Christmas Tree was invented. So  maybe now is the time to consider a trip to the Baltic state.