6 Tips for Planning a Luxury Canadian Trip

Canadians are widely regarded as some of the world’s most hospitable people. In addition to our warm grins, the Canadian Road Trip is now on everyone's bucket list.


Canadians are widely regarded as some of the world’s most hospitable people. In addition to our warm grins, the Canadian Road Trip is now on everyone’s bucket list.

Natural beauty, historic indigenous culture, world-class luxurious casino hotels with free spins bonus, a cosmopolitan food scene, adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventures, and art-filled cosmopolitan towns are all part of the ultimate Canadian road vacation. Before boarding a plane to Canada, there is a lot to consider when planning a memorable vacation. Canada occupies 11% of the planet’s total area, making it the world’s second-largest country by land area.

The location of your luxury vacation in Canada is a major one. With a helicopter as your only mode of transportation, you could be perched on rocks overlooking the iceberg-strewn North Atlantic or roaming through old-growth woodland on the edge of Clayoquot Sound. However, the natural beauty of Canada is the country’s main draw, and our Canada experts have selected four accommodation that recognise this and provide you with an upgraded way to experience it. You can expect attentive care from the personnel and knowledgeable tour guides in every location.

To get the most out of your time in Canada, you need to focus on narrowing down precisely what you want to do. If you’re planning a trip to Canada’s Banff National Park, for example, you’ll need to budget, check on eTA requirements, and much more. Here’s how to plan a trip to Canada so you can relax and have a great time in one of the country’s magnificent national parks or a thrilling adventure in one of the country’s fantastic cities. The best and safest vacation can only be had if you remember a few things when you’re in Canada.

  1. it’s critical to be aware of danger zones;
  2. emergency contact information;
  3. how to prepare for any weather.
Moraine lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Commit to a Trip Budget

If you’re coming from the United States or Great Britain, Canada may appear to be a bargain, but it’s not. To keep your expenses in check, you should set a spending limit before making any reservations. One can get by with $75 a day with airfare for the most part. Rather than sleeping in a hotel, you’d have to make do with street cuisine and meals you buy at the grocery store and prepare in your hotel’s kitchen. Transportation is a significant expense that will eat into your travel budget, so it’s best to avoid travelling between cities if at all possible or if you participate in casinos, make sure you get the best casino bonus and try your luck.

A daily budget of $125-150 USD with airfare is sufficient for travellers in the mid-range. Sharing a room in a mid-range hotel with a friend, taking a few guided tours and activities, and eating a variety of street cuisine, excellent meals out, and home-cooked meals would be my suggestion. Bonus points if you can stay with a beautiful friend in Toronto to avoid the high cost of hotels. On top of their flight, luxury travellers can get away with spending $200-$250 every day. This would include a lot of guided tours and activities, eating out for every meal, having more than one drink at supper, shopping for souvenirs instead of just window shopping, and staying in a beautiful hotel.

Bypass Resorts and Hotels

While staying at a hotel or casino resort with a variety of poker games, they usually add to the holiday spirit; service staff and prepared meals seem unavoidable. Consider renting a furnished apartment for a short time. Short-term rentals like downtown Toronto apartments show just how lavish a furnished short-term rental can be while making it easy to maintain social separation with cooking facilities. best casino bonus

Plan Outdoor Activities

Grizzly bear walking towards the viewer

If you want to keep your family’s social distance from others outside your family bubble, you should prioritise outside activities. Even though it may seem restricting at first, especially if you’re used to visiting malls, museums, and theatres during your vacations, doing some research will reveal a slew of alternatives that reconnect you with the outdoors. There are numerous trails, parks, gambling revenues to hit the jackpot, and beach walks that can be found in Toronto. Try your hand at golf, go for a drive, or pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery. Use GetYourGuide in Canada for these additional two reasons. Because items sell out quickly, it’s best to book early rather than risk missing out on the spot. Online booking often costs less than making a reservation through your hotel.

Learn How Language Works in Canada

Canada is a country that speaks both English and French. If you go to a rural area in Quebec and expect everyone to speak English, you may be disappointed. They may even be upset if you do not communicate in French. While most Quebecois I’ve encountered, it is excellent to switch to English when speaking with a foreigner, if they believe you’re a Canadian, they’ll expect you to communicate with them in their language, French. Only in the province of Quebec is French the official language. Even though most people speak English, knowing a few essential terms and phrases in French may be beneficial, mainly when communicating with people who do not work in the hotel or tourism industry.

Book Ground Transportation

After your flight lands, you need to know how to go to your lodgings. Travellers arriving in Toronto should understand that the airport is easily accessible by train from the city’s downtown core. Taxis and Uber, on the other hand, can be pricey if you want to travel this far. Make a point of finding out which airports have the best connections to the city core, so you’re prepared. If you’re planning a road trip to Canada from a foreign country, you’ll need an International Driver’s Permit (IDP).

Purchase Travel Insurance & Send Policy Information to Your Emergency Contact

Since accidents happen on the road, never travel without a good travel insurance policy. When I travel, I use World Nomads and suggest them. Having travel insurance is especially vital if you want to engage in outdoor activities. Pickpockets prey on tourists in cities with high crime rates. Regardless of where you’re from, travel insurance is a must. Most insurance firms offer an additional policy if skiing and snowboarding are part of your holiday plans.

You should get travel insurance before travelling to Canada if you plan to partake in any of these exciting but potentially hazardous winter sports.


According to Canada to USA’s founder, Travel insurance for Canadians is essential when visiting the United States. Make sure to purchase a policy and share the information with your emergency contact – accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, but being prepared can save you from financial and emotional stress.”

Canadian parks are home to grizzly and black bears throughout the summer months, deadly. When visiting national parks, make sure that bears cannot see any food. Store items in airtight containers and cook away from campgrounds to avoid pests. Also, become well-versed on bear safety precautions. Only polar bears aggressively stalk humans, so be particularly cautious if you visit Churchill and see the bears there.

However, being on a trip does not change the obligation to adhere to the advice of health professionals. Keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy implies that you can no longer relax in the ways you used to. For those who have had it with the same old four walls, secure luxury vacations are an option. Make sure you’ll enjoy your self-catering accommodations because they’ll be a huge asset. In the meantime, put on your mask, sterilise, and have a good time. On Travel Wander, you’ll find unique places to visit in Canada and suggestions for safe vacations in the event of a pandemic.

Main image: Icefields Parkway Credit Parks Canada & Rogier Gruys

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