With summer serving up a mixed bag of weather from heat waves to cold snaps, Inclusive Morocco has rounded up its autumn getaways where sunshine is almost guaranteed for travellers looking for a coastal break, an autumnal family vacation or a city break on the shores of the Mediterranean. 

True to Inclusive Morocco’s travel style, enriching experiences through an inclusive lens enhance travellers’ intellectually-stimulating itineraries while giving under-represented communities the chance to participate, earn and engage.

New for September 2023! Northern Morocco: A Hidden Jewel

Summer doesn’t end once September arrives on Morocco’s Mediterranean and Atlantic Coasts. For the slow traveller, blue skies and seas make for perfect off-season seaside getaways on a journey that traverses Mediterranean Tangier and Larache on the Atlantic Coast before winding its way inland to Fez and Sefrou. Activities along the way include:

  • Fishing with local fisherman in Larache before tucking into freshly grilled sardines for lunch
  • Cheesemaking in the Rif Mountains with a local family while gaining a deeper understanding of the process which involves grazing goats on local herbs and plants in the natural mountainside pastures
  • Touring Umberto Pasti’s Rohuna Garden where a wander amongst a variety of Moroccan plants awaits
  • Join a local family in Dchier on the coast for breakfast while learning about the on-going regenerative programs in the region
  • Preparing a farewell dinner during a couscous rolling workshop at a cooperative in Sefrou.

Eight days from £3935 per person based on double occupancy includes seven nights in deluxe accommodations, daily breakfast, two lunches, four dinners (one of which is a food tour), English-speaking driver at disposal in a deluxe air-conditioned Mercedes minivan, Tangier and Art: Renaissance Tour, cheese-making workshop in Chefchaouen, guided tours of Tangier and Fez, visit to Rohuna Garden, fishing excursion in Larache, couscous-rolling workshop in Sefrou, airport transfers and first-class ticket aboard the TGV between Casablanca and Tangier.

More details: https://www.inclusivemorocco.com/itinerary-5-northern-morocco-a-hidden-jewel.html

Morocco with Children: Marrakech, Atlas Mountains and seaside Essaouira

From the pink-hued walls of Marrakech to the highest peaks and verdant valleys of the Atlas Mountains before retreating to seaside Essaouira, days are packed with family-friendly activities including:

  • Watching the sun rise from above on a gentle hot-air balloon ride over the Atlas Mountains and small Amazigh villages below
  • Trekking through the Atlas Mountains on a half-day guided hike with a local, delving into the Indigenous culture and enjoying lunch with a family while experiencing local hospitality
  • Riding the waves during a surf class in Essaouira on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast
  • Preparing a feast of Moroccan food alongside a renowned chef, with ingredients collected at a countryside retreat

10 days from £3505 per person based on four travellers and includes deluxe accommodation for nine nights, English-speaking driver at disposal in a deluxe air-conditioned Mercedes minivan, daily breakfast, three lunches including a treasure hunt, cooking class and picnic lunch, two dinners and entrance to historical sites in addition to activities noted above and others included in the itinerary.

More details: https://www.inclusivemorocco.com/itinerary-2-morocco-with-kids.html

A long weekend in Morocco: Tangier and surroundings

If summer wasn’t the relaxing season one hoped for, a long weekend in Tangier provides an opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea breeze. During the four-night getaway, activities may include:

  • An arts and cultural tour including a visit to artists’ residences and galleries
  • Daytripping to nearby Chefchaouen to wander amongst the enchanting alleyways while appreciating the exquisite textiles for which the region is renowned
  • Scrubbing off remnants of sea dips during a hammam treatment
  • Learning to cook Moroccan cuisine alongside a host mother

Five days from £1,600 per person based on double occupancy and includes four nights in a deluxe hotel, guided medina tour, Tangier and Art: Renaissance Tour, day trip to Chefchaouen, half-day cooking class, Moroccan spa experience, airport transfers.

More details: https://www.inclusivemorocco.com/itinerary-long-weekend-in-morocco.html

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