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Fleewinter War on Single Use Plastic


‘Plastic Free July’ is well underway and UK tour operator Fleewinter is launching its own war on plastic in taking steps to play its part in reducing the negative impact of single use plastic on the world’s oceans.

“We have a very young and conscientious team at Fleewinter, who feel very strongly about doing their bit for the environment,” says Alisdair Luxmoore, managing director of Fleewinter. They have come up with a number of initiatives which are already in place, and we will continue to look at other ways in which we can help to be a responsible tour operator.”

Fleewinter War on Single Use Plastic Initiatives

• All customers who book a holiday in July receive a free water filtration bottle, which eliminates over 99 percent of microbiological contaminants from water to provide safe drinking water. The bottles and the filters are re-cyclable.

• In South Africa, Fleewinter works with several safari companies who use water dispensers at the lodges and provide guests with a water bottle to use (and take home), which cuts down on plastic usage.

• In Cambodia, customers have been given stainless steel Fleewinter bottles since the country launched its ‘Refill not Landfill’ scheme – there are now water stations with free refills all over Siem Reap and hopefully spreading soon to the rest of Cambodia.

• On Fleewinter’s four superyachts in Corfu, all customers are given a complimentary stainless-steel bottle which they can fill for free from the water makers.

• Fleewinter is also introducing a scheme to all its destinations whereby customers are encouraged to buy and use a water filtration bottle. Not only does it reduce single-use-plastic but also saves scarce bottled water in many destinations. The bottles normally cost £15.99 but customers get 15% off plus 15% will go to Fleewinter’s preferred charity – FRANK Water (a safe water NGO with projects in Nepal and India).

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