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Four Reasons to Visit Quito in 2018


Designated in 2017 as the Leading Destination of South America by the World Travel Awards (WTA) for the fifth consecutive year, Quito is preparing for a special 2018 as it marks 40 years as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are some of the many reasons to visit Quito in 2018:40th anniversary as UNESCO World Heritage Site

On September 8, 1978, Quito became the first capital in the world to obtain this recognition due to the value of its Historic Centre, which is considered the largest and best preserved in Latin America. Beyond the numerous events and festivities that are being prepared for this occasion, the anniversary of this designation is an excellent reason to visit the city and discover its wonderful architecture and wide and diverse cultural, gastronomic and artistic offering.

Fiesta de la Luz

Officially established to commemorate Quito’s Declaration of Independence on August 10, the Fiesta de la Luz, or Festival of Lights, is a must-see event that provides an exceptional opportunity to enjoy the Historic Centre from a unique sensory perspective and experience. With the help of Ecuadorian and French artists, buildings and patrimonial spaces will be illuminated with multimedia projections and video-mapping, filling the city with color. The event is co-produced with the French Alliance and the mayor of Lyon, France.

Exquisite flavours

Getting to know and truly experiencing a destination goes beyond just what there is to see, but also having the opportunity to enjoy it through all the senses. The cuisine of Quito offers exquisite aromas, flavors and textures, satisfying the most demanding palates. Artisanal beer, chocolate and coffee are some of Quito flavors internationally recognized for their high quality.

Unique natural wealth

Nature and adventure lovers will be amazed by the city’s diverse options. The Cloud Forest and Quito’s surrounding areas boast wonderful biodiversity that invite tourists to explore either by long walks, rappel or simple admiring the areas’ great variety of animals and plants. Andean forests, subtropical territories, valleys, frozen moors, lagoons and dry forests are among the unique homes to more than 550 species of birds, which makes Quito a true paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Now it’s even easier to visit Quito, with Air Europa launching direct flights to Quito from Madrid in January.

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