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St Lucia Launches Travel Podcast


The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority is to release its first ever podcast series featuring award-winning broadcaster Jon Holmes and accomplished travel writer Antonia Windsor.

The timely five-part armchair guide to this beautiful Caribbean island showcases Saint Lucia’s unique elements: its nature and wildlife, arts and culture, culinary delights, adventure and wellness.

With the world currently closed off to most, what better way to lift yourselves out of the gloom by allowing us transport you to one of the world’s most incredible destinations, so you can dream of planning your getaway when this is all over. 

A winning combination of Jon’s humour and Antonia’s extensive knowledge of the island, this is an entertaining and informative escape with which to fill that travel and holiday shaped gap in your life.

St Lucia

Each episode is 20 minutes long and goes beyond the travelogue to delve into the heart of Saint Lucian culture; including engaging interviews with local musicians, producers, chefs and nature experts.

With most of the audio recorded in-situ there is plenty of live action, and the podcast features the duo travelling around the mango-shaped island bringing their witty take on everything from ziplining through the forest to bathing in volcanic hot springs and being stalked by a giant wild guinea pig via rum tasting, chocolate making, and largely failing to get a musical note from a fisherman’s conch shell. They also fit in some beach time.

This is the first of a new series of ‘Jon and Antonia Take On the World’ travel guides from the pair.

Jon and Antonia Take On the World: Saint Lucia is available from 30 March on Apple, Acast, Spotify, Deezer or wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen and subscribe: Mobile device link:

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