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Jordan’s historical sites and spectacular scenery are being featured in Levison Wood’s new series on the Discovery Channel ‘Arabia with Levison Wood’.

In the new series, Levison will be travelling along the Arabian Peninsula as part of a vast 5,000-mile expedition. With this journey, he aims to uncover the myths of the areas and delve into the unique culture along the way. Part of his journey includes Jordan.

Travellers who are inspired by the programme can follow Levison’s footsteps and experience different activities such as climbing, trekking and cycling, and exploring the beauty of the country for themselves.

Levison Wood

Alternatively, follow Mark Bibby Jackson’s footsteps through Arabia in: Petra Jordan, Lawrence and Peace in Troubled Waters.

Explore Wadi Rum from above

As a world-class rock climbing destination, Jordan’s Wadi Rum is a must-visit for avid adventurers or climbing connoisseurs. The wild landscape that is comprised of colossal canyons, deep dunes, and sheer granite cliffs makes it an exhilarating climbing experience. Situated within walking distance from the Wadi Rum village, visitors can find the Goldfinger, which is a route popular amongst confident climbers. Whereas beginners can bask in the beauty of the Burdah Rock Bridge. Prices start from £116 per person, for more information, click here.

Trek the world-famous Jordan Trail

Trek through the desert landscapes of Jordan and embark on a Levison Wood-style adventure hike of the Jordan Trail, a 650-km tail that covers the entire length of the country. The trail allows adventurers to experience the incredible sights of Petra, the stunning scenery of Wadi Rum and last but not least to float in the crystal waters of the Dead Sea. The monumental route requires 40 days of hiking

For those looking to embark on a trek equal in beauty but shorter in distance, the Dana to Petra trek has been crowned one of the world’s best hikes by National Geographic and is championed as Jordan’s most popular trek. Travellers can also book certain sections of the Trail, covering condensed regions, with prices starting from £978 per person. For more information, click here.

Cycle your way around Jordan

Cycling is one of the best ways to experience what Jordan has to offer. Cyclists around the world flock to the country for its diverse terrain, show stopping sights, and exceptional scenery.

The Jordan Bike Trail is fast becoming a favourite route, gaining global acclaim with seasoned cyclists and novice adventurers. The North to the South cycling route starts in Amman and ends in Aqaba. The action-packed trip takes 15 days to conquer. Some of the highlights of the trail include peddling to Petra and then down to Wadi Rum desert. For additional information and prices, click here.

Levison Wood has recently returned from Nepal, a country close to his heart. Read his account in: Levison Wood: Return to Nepal.

Wade in the world’s lowest nature reserve

For thrill-seeking nature lovers who are looking to immerse themselves in the breath-taking beauty of Jordan, canyoning in the Wadi Mujib Reserve is an unmissable experience. The Wadi Mujib is the lowest nature reserve in the world situated 410 meters below sea level. The Mujib Biosphere Reserve contains cascading waterfalls, sandstone cliffs, hidden gorges, and refreshing pools. Adventurers will work their way through the spectacular sandstone canyons – whether walking, wading, abseiling or climbing. For further information and to book, click here.

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