The Top Destinations for Business Travellers

If you’re considering work or growth for your business, where should you be travelling?

Americas, Europe

Travel is an essential part of growth for any business. Without physical business travel to new locations and clients, you cannot properly stake your claim within your industry. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, around 9 million outbound business trips took place each year from the UK. If you’re considering work or growth for your business, where should you be travelling?

New York

New York is the financial heartbeat of the United States of America – and inarguably so, thanks to the global stature of Wall St and its various international institutions. As a result of its gargantuan financial presence, many global corporations have instituted head offices in the capital, rendering it a leading city for the hosting of new partnerships and business deals.

Of course, the city rises to the occasion, with robust transport options and numerous districts chock-full of opportunities for work and play alternately. The city is a melting-pot, as popular a destination as it is an environment for business.


As a business, financing trips to far-flung destinations can be difficult to swallow. Without a proper approach to financing, the short-term costs of trips can have a much bigger impact on your business’ health than the long-term benefits. Though financing options are available for businesses looking to expense future trips, there is a world-leading city for the development of your business, essentially on your doorstep: London.

London sprawls across the River Thames, a megalopolis of growth and investment that remains a key destination in European finance and business. This is the gateway to international business, and the first port of call for any business looking to expand their reach. Whether a short stay in Canary Wharf or a week of seeking investment opportunities in growing suburban communities, London is a winning destination for business.

Rio de Janeiro

rio brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a jewel on the coast of Brazil, and not just in terms of its cultural impact. Rio’s financial footprint has expanded significantly, as more businesses place regional offices there to benefit from an increasingly rich local economy.

But the appeal of Rio de Janeiro doesn’t merely lie in its fast-growing economy. Indeed, Brazil as a whole has slowly become something of a mecca for a new breed of global freelancer: the digital nomad. Remote workers and freelance contractors have begun to make the most of the freedoms their situation affords them, taking their workload on the road and conducting their business wherever they choose.

This can present unique visa-based difficulties when it comes to travelling abroad, but Brazil is a global leader in accounting for the digital nomad; in 2022, they introduced a one-year digital nomad visa, enabling workers tax-domiciled in other countries to visit and work. Rio de Janeiro is as vibrant culturally as it is growing economically, making it an excellent stop for worldly businesspeople.

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