With goals for the island to achieve full carbon neutrality, residents and local energy suppliers continue to implement sustainable measures.

The hidden gem of Herm, nestled within the Islands of Guernsey, is a natural paradise that remains largely unspoilt from the pollution of the modern world. Its unique landscape and precious wildlife make the island a spot of rare natural beauty that many have endeavoured to protect.

In 2021, the island of Herm and its ferry service took a large step toward carbon neutrality by substituting unsustainable fuels for hydrotreated vegetable oil, provided by local supplier, Rubis Channel Islands.

Although Herm is already a car-free island, the next steps on its carbon neutral journey include major island solar panel installation as well as the conversion of all island boilers to 100% renewable heating oil.

In 2023, it will be exciting to see what lies ahead for Herm and its mission for carbon neutrality as it leads the way in sustainable living.

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