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Iberostar’s Wave of Change


Iberostar Hotels and Resorts as they follow their ‘Wave of Change’ initiative, which aims to make tourism more sustainable to their guests. Iberostar estimates that during a typical stay, guests would have reduced Iberostar’s CO2 emissions by 6% and eliminated over 4 lb of single-use plastics.

Iberostar works towards creating a more responsible tourism model focused on people and the environment. With sustainability as the driving force behind the business, the company places the circular economy at the centre of its strategy as the key to protecting the environment.

Iberostar is free of single-use plastics throughout its operations and is one of the first hotel chains in the world to do so, and they have gone on further to set a goal to be waste-free and not send any waste to landfills or incinerators by 2025.

Iberostar also follows a ‘Honest Food’ initiative, which aims to provide guests with the opportunity to return from holiday feeling happier and healthier than when they arrived. Iberostar’s honest food is based on three pillars, these include natural and homemade, responsible, and multicultural.

There is a huge emphasis on sourcing food responsibly and Iberostar have already managed to exceed their annual objective, by reaching 90% of their products being responsibly sourced in their Spain properties. Currently, 78% of the fish consumed comes from sustainable sources, while they also encourage local fishing communities to improve their production by offering training to support performance. They are also aiming to use 100% responsibly sourced fish and seafood by 2025, to in turn, look after the oceans and fishing communities while also demonstrating the significance of excellent gastronomy and local culinary traditions for their guests.

Following their Honest Food philosophy, Iberostar offer guests a wide range of healthy, fresh and locally sourced food, as well as international cuisine which combines raw elements with whole foods to aid digestion.

This way guests can choose to enjoy their all-inclusive holiday and not return feeling nauseated by the amount of food consumed. The commitment to authentic, fresh, natural, and seasonal products is used to prepare homemade recipes, free from additives, refined sugar and low in salt. Guests are offered healthy alternatives to usual hotel buffets and menus, ensuring they come back from holiday feeling healthy and refreshed. A variety of vegetarian, vegan and dairy free options are available throughout the resorts.

Find more information on the Honest food initiative here.

Rooms can start from £137 a night. To book visit or call 0800 678 16 58

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