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Spain Sustainable Tourism 2022 Drive


In its continuing drive to make the country’s tourism industry more sustainable Spain has announced the following initiatives.

Balearic Islands to become first circular destination

The Baearic Islands are aiming to become the world’s first circular tourism destinvation. The islands’ government has commited €55 million to the project that requires all tourism-related businesses have a circularity plan. This should cover clean energy, water use and waste. Specific measures for hotels include water-saving devices, banning of disposable bathroom amenities and upgrading boilers. Further information can be found at:

Cantabria to launch 7 Tourism Sustainability Plans

Cantabria will launch seven Tourism Sustainability Plans by 2024, which will transform the tourism model and allow the region to become more sustainable and modern.

There will be an investment of €22.6 million into these projects and it will benefit over 50 municipalities in Cantabria. Five of these projects, approved in 2021, will be fully financed by the NextGenerationEU funds. One of the projects supported by the Government of Cantabria aims to restore the surroundings around the La Engaña tunnel.

The project will create bike paths, walking trails, a hostel and other infrastructure that will help to boost the economy of Vegas de Pas and other municipalities of the Valles Pasiegos. The other projects include the creation of a cross-country skiing circuit in Liébana, the upgrade of the Senda del Asón and the transition to digital content for tourism resources.

San Antoni, Ibiza to Develop Tourism Sustainability Plan

Sant Antoni’s Town Council has been awarded funds by the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for the development of its Tourism Sustainability Plan.

This series of developments will be carried out from 2022 until 2024 and will include the pedestrianisation of streets in the Old Town, improvements to the water supply and sewer systems, the installation of air quality sensors and changes to the supply chain. €550,000 will go towards the enhancement of urban areas to ultimately enhance Sant Antoni’s competitiveness as a tourist destination.

Murcia Launches 6 Sustainable Tourism Experiences

Sierra Espuña Nature Park and its surrounding area, Murcia’s prime ecotourist destination, have launched six new sustainable tourism experiences. These have been designed with visitors of all different ages and physical conditions in mind, offering distinctive ways in which to enjoy the fresh air and direct contact with nature.

The six ecotourism experiences will allow visitors to uncover the historic forest full of traditions, culture, and flavours. Itineraries with the following themes have been created: Adventure; Among Birds; On Wheels; Panoramic Moment; Flavour Route; and Paths. These provide something for everyone, whether it is taking in the breathtaking views of the park while paragliding or sampling local organic produce.

To find out more about other sustainable tourism initiatives in Spain, please click here.

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