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Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle has rolled out four seven-day, deeply engaging ayurvedic journeys. Sheltered on Sri Lanka’s breathtaking southern coast, the resort sits on 21-acres of coconut palm plantation. Breathtaking cliffs make way to sandy beach, allowing guests to enjoy the best views from the teardrop island.

Ayurveda is intrinsically integrated in Sri Lanka’s medical community; the country has written accounts dating back 3,000 years. With modern studies proving its efficacy for several emotional and physical complaints, it is understandably the foundation of Balance Wellness by Anantara’s flagship programmes.

Anantara’s specialist ayurvedic programmes facilitate pathways to holistic health and happiness by balancing the body and freeing the mind, based on three simple yet powerful principles:

  • Understanding your prakruti (natural state) – Examining your distinctive combination of the three dosha types.
  • Understanding your vikruti (current imbalances) – Exploring the lifestyle choices and habits that create these imbalances.
  • Learning to clear your mind and develop the clarity needed to make healthier lifestyle choices.

With the ultimate goal of empowering you to change your lifestyle and way of thinking, Yoga, healing arts and ayurvedic nutritional guidance are complemented by daily journaling and technology blackout to introduce the concept of ‘holism’. Several local experiences set the scene for mindfulness while ayurvedic and Anantara Spa treatments round produce results. Through a personalised approach, Anantara Peace Haven gently eases you through the process of healing.

With these principles in mind, we have created the following programmes:

Inner Harmony – Calm your mind and body to create emotional and spiritual balance.

Deep Sleep – Give yourself well-deserved time to relax, heal and rebuild.

Natural Weight – Discover the ayurvedic approach to healthy weight management and vitality.

A Rebuilding Detox – Detoxify physically and mentally, and rebuild your natural energy.

While each journey stands on its own merits, taken in whole these programmes can lead to the ayurvedic interpretation of happiness; which is to balance your body and to free your mind. Without this balance, you cannot make healthier choices.

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