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Explore Beyond the Ordinary

Explore Beyond the Ordinary

Adventure travel specialist Explore has announced nine new ‘Beyond’ trips for 2018. Getting back to our pioneering roots, the Explore team has designed a collection of exciting new trips for…

Interested in Railways?

Railways are a necessary means of travel for many working people, but they can also be a source of tremendous enjoyment on holiday. There really is little to compare with railways for a fantastic journey.


Many cities provide railcards which offer fare reductions at various amounts, a financial must for frequent users. For the traveller, buying a Eurorail card is a cost effective, and an efficient way of seeing Europe.

The Orient Express

A current journey on the Belmond Venice Simplon Orient Express offers a reduced journey compared to the original immortalised by Agatha Christie, but the traveller is still indulged by white-gloved staff and five-star service to Venice, culminating in a two-night stay in a Venetian palace.

Railway Journeys

There are many fascinating rail journeys throughout the world. The Blue Train in South Africa, The Trans-Siberian Railway and the rail trip up to Machu Picchu are just some of the more famous ones. Use the viewing car when travelling by Amtrac from San Francisco to Santa Barbara and watching the dolphins leaping out of the sea at you is magical.