Top Japanese Cultural Activities For Kids

There are several cultural Japanese activities for kids to take part in Japan.


Knowing about their and other people’s cultures helps children connect with their roots, appreciate diversity, and generate curiosity about the world. There are several cultural Japanese activities for kids to take part in Japan.

Whether playing children’s poker or opting for more cultural pastimes. Educators and parents can introduce Japanese culture to kids in a fun and engaging manner.

In this article, Takito Akagi, a casino industry expert, has listed the top Japanese cultural activities for kids.

Fold Your Wishes Origami

The word Origami has a Japanese root wherein “ori” means to fold and “kami” means “paper”. Creating origami was first practiced in Japan in the Edo period.

It is an art of paper folding which cultivates conceptual thinking and mathematical skills in children. The origami cranes are called the ‘birds of happiness’ and are believed to be eternal.

They symbolise kindness, healing, hope, and peace. The paper cranes can be strung together in front of the door.

Japanese Morning Exercise

Beginning the day with an exercise routine can be great for kids. Morning exercises on Japanese Radio Taisō have been broadcasted across Japan for many years.

The morning exercise time can serve as a fun family bonding session.

The Unique Poetry: Haiku

Haiku is a unique form of poetry in Japan. It uses vivid and simple words to express feelings. It can be a really fun activity that can help your kid in finding the creative writer in them.

Explore Japan with Virtual Walk

Take a virtual climb to Mt. Fiji leveraging the power of technology. Exploring beautiful landscapes in different cities of Japan can help your kids learn about Japanese culture and heritage.

Onsen Hot Springs

Onsen hot water springs are quite popular as a cultural and community activity just like gambling in Japan.

Children can accompany their parents for the hot bath. It is a brilliant way for children to socialise, make friends, and get closer to Japanese culture.

Card Games

Sites to Visit in Japan

One of the best ways to help children learn more about Japanese culture is by playing card games. Sushi Go is a modern and popular game to keep kids engaged and connected to their roots.

The deluxe version of the game is for up to 8 players. This card game can be enjoyed alongside eating sushi at home. Another fun game for kids who are learning Japanese is Lingo Playing Game.

Oni Gokko (Hide & Seek)

Oni Gokko is a kind of tag game played in Japan.

“Oni” is a mythical figure with horns that get featured in Japanese children’s stories. The hide-and-seek game can be made more fun by wearing the DIY demon mask.

Cooking Delicious Japanese Food At Home

Cooking delicious Japanese food at home with your kids is an amazing way to introduce the culture to them. It can help children develop cooking skills and learn more about the culture. Make it fun, let the kids choose their menu!

Bounce & Catch with Kendama

Kendama is a traditional wooden toy in Japan. It consists of a part of cups, tama (ball), and ken (sword) which are connected by a string.

The players bounce with their knees and pull the ball upward so that it gets caught. Kendama has gained a lot of popularity worldwide in the past few years.

Juggling Otedama

Another traditional game for kids, generally girls, is Otedama. It is a type of Japanese juggling game which involves beanbags. Otedama is all about tossing, juggling, and balancing!

Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo)

Calligraphy is taught to children from a young age in Japanese schools, specifically class ‘Shuji’ onwards.

This type of writing helps in enhancing endurance, concentration, and expression of beauty among Japanese children.

If your child wants to pursue calligraphy art more seriously, they can attend special online classes for the same.

Yosakoi Festivals

Yosakoi is a Japanese festival that has both traditional and modern elements.

With almost every university having its own team of dancers, the festivals have become quite popular lately. They have a very happy and positive vibe.

Let’s Wrap Up

From traditional Japanese games to beautiful art forms like calligraphy and haiku, there is a lot to explore in Japan.

The cultural activities for kids featured above will not only engage children and help them learn a new skill but also make them closer to the rich Japanese culture.

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