Mauritian company Rogers Group launches ‘Bel Ombre’ in southwest Mauritius as a territorial brand and announces its intention to make it a mecca for ecotourism, highlighting local know-how and protecting its ecosystem. It will be a destination where people and nature thrive together; a resilient region that includes and values its community.

During the recent launch event, which had as its guest of honour the Honourable Steven Obeegadoo, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Housing and Land Use Planning and Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Mauritius, the group shared its commitment to integrating green practices as a driver of its operations.

At the launch event, Rogers’ Chief Executive Officer, Philippe Espitalier-Noël, shared the group’s ambition and vision to make Bel Ombre a benchmark for sustainable destinations, both in Mauritius and in the region. “More than the launch of a territorial brand, this is a commitment that reflects our ambition to make Bel Ombre the sustainable destination of reference in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. Our ambition is immense, as is our conviction that there will be no tomorrow if we do not change our paradigms today,” he said.

The territorial brand “Bel Ombre. Lamer. Later. Lavi” means Land. Sea. Life and is symbolic of its lush tropical scenery, the protected turquoise waters of the lagoon and a place where life is lived in harmony with nature, in this unspoilt area of Mauritius.

Bel Ombre is known not only for its particularly well-preserved territory and heritage, but also for its rich history dating back to the 19th century. Through planned and harmonious development, Rogers and its partners have developed the area with a commitment to preserving and enhancing the beauty of this unique region.

Hotels, restaurants, golf courses and villas have been carefully integrated into the landscape, coexisting with the omnipresent nature and sublimating the heritage of the former sugar estate. The Bel Ombre territory is based on an inclusive model that aims to pave the way for a circular economy, empowering the local community, creating jobs and building resilience.

“Rogers is committed to participating in the transformation of the local tourism industry into an eco-industry, with Bel Ombre as a benchmark of the group’s ambitions for the transformation of this sector into one that is more sustainable and more inclusive. At a time when foreign visitors are rediscovering our country’s assets with new eyes, Bel Ombre has everything it takes to differentiate itself and position itself as a destination within the destination,” said Philippe Espitalier-Noël.

The region has recently had confirmation of the Man and the Biosphere label from UNESCO making the region shine more than ever thanks to nature activities designed to raise awareness among Mauritians and tourists on the preservation of its biodiversity. It ensures that the Bel Ombre Territory, in the wild south, remains a preserved and protected environment.

The Bel Ombre area offers a vast choice in terms of accommodation, gastronomic experiences and leisure activities, namely charming hotels with its Bed & Breakfast Kaz’Alala; luxury hotels with these Heritage Resorts establishments – Heritage Le Telfair, Heritage Awali and Heritage The Villas; leisure activities with the Bel Ombre Nature Reserve, the Heritage Golf Club, the Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark; ‘edutainment’ with the World of Seashells; wellness with the Seven Colours spas; gourmet restaurants such as Le Chamarel, Le Château de Bel Ombre and C Beach Club; the Villas Valriche real estate program; and the flavours of the terroir with Agrïa, all while staying true to its commitments on sustainability.

The Bel Ombre Territory also aims to create a diverse and inclusive community by providing sustainable workplaces. In the long term, this unique development project in Mauritius is committed to creating a green economy and promoting ecotourism. Thierry Montocchio, CEO of Rogers Hospitality, shares the group’s ambitions for the transformation of this region of the island, centred around sustainable development. “Already, the commitment is made with Heritage Resorts whose hotels are actively working to achieve carbon neutrality for which the Rogers Group is committed by 2050. A commitment that has already begun to materialize with Rogers Hospitality’s ‘Now for Tomorrow’ sustainability program, and which contributes to preserving the jewels that adorn Bel Ombre’s crown.”