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Drive Electric on an Iceland Road Trip


Going electric in Iceland is becoming easier by the year, with a variety of new infrastructure and useful apps for electrics cars, a road trip with sustainability in mind is becoming the new way to travel Iceland.

In terms of car rentals, there are many companies to choose from, providing a wide range of vehicle options, including camper vans, 4x4s, super jeeps, and compact cars. While a regular car is sufficient for most areas, certain locations may require a four-wheel drive or larger vehicle. It is advisable to consult with the car rental company to ensure the appropriate vehicle for the intended destination. Most car rental services offer pick-up from Keflavík airport.

Discover the path around Iceland with this handy map! Giving visitors inspiration for their road trip, this app also allows visitors to plan their route according to electric charging spots, weather conditions, or other needs such as accommodation or entertainment. Showing the Icelandic government’s commitment to clean energy, this map promotes and demonstrates how easy it is to travel electric in Iceland and allows guests to perfectly plan their road trip with charging points in mind.

The Electric Ring Road

Iceland, with its compact dimensions and ever-changing landscapes, is tailor-made for unforgettable road adventures. The renowned Ring Road, which traverses numerous towns and villages, spans approximately 1400km – equivalent to three to four battery cycles in an electric car. Iceland is swiftly embracing electric vehicles, second only to Norway in terms of transitioning to this eco-friendly mode of transportation.

As the ownership of electric vehicles grows, investments in charging infrastructure for electric cars is increasing. As a result, charging stations have now become accessible throughout the entire ring-road network. This development aligns with the government’s commitment to reducing the nation’s dependence on imported fossil fuels.  Car rental companies across Iceland are also steadily expanding their electric vehicle fleet to keep up with demand.

Multiple companies are also making an effort to facilitate the use of electric cars through various initiatives such as a mobile app to help visitors locate charging points for e-cars across Iceland (here). or through establishing supercharging’ points across Iceland (here).

Another valuable tool when on a road trip in Iceland is the Safe Travel conditions map with real-time updates on road closures, wind speed, traffic situations, and webcams, offering travellers a great overview of current travel conditions.

Going Electric in Reykjavík

The Icelandic government wholeheartedly supports electric vehicles, offering attractive incentives like tax exemptions, reduced registration fees, and generous subsidies for purchasing e-cars. Hiring an e-car in the capital city of Reykjavík is also easy, from as little as £43 per day.

Reykjavík thrives on abundant renewable energy sources such as geothermal and hydroelectric power. The city heavily relies on these sustainable sources for electricity generation. By driving an e-car in Reykjavík, driving electric not only reduces emissions but also ensure that the electricity used predominantly comes from renewable energy.

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