The hippy-chic coastal town of Sayulita, on the west coast of Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, is a bohemian art colony with a thriving expat community. Discovered by surfers in the 1960s and today, it boasts red- and orange-painted shops, brightly decorated cafés, numerous art galleries and colourful street art.

Street art in Sayulita has exploded in the last several years with colourful art in the heart of town reflecting the culture of the local Huichol Indians. Muralism became famous in the 1920’s after the Mexican Revolution when the government commissioned murals for public buildings to reinforce its political message.

Over time, artists began to paint their own ideas and values and these days murals cover a wide range of themes extending far beyond that of politics and religion. It’s this history of muralism that makes the urban art movement in Mexico different from other movements aroun the world.

Visitors can visit Sayulita for a day trip and immerse themselves in this quirky and colourful ‘open-air art gallery’. Senses will be stimulated by the art that is everywhere from colourful skulls that are a recurring theme on buildings, to seascapes, artfully drawn comic strips and religious symbols.

Visitors can weave through the cobbled streets that overflow with these unique artworks, interpret the fascinating murals for free, either alone or in a group, and end the day exploring the shops with ceramics, pottery and locally, hand-crafted jewellery.

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