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Sea Saffron Offers Valencia Gastronomy with a View


Sea Saffron is Valencia’s leading experience on TripAdvisor offering an intimate gastronomic experience at the most exclusive viewpoint in the city. The company has recently rented a new rooftop space, with new panoramic views and offering a different angle of the City of Arts & Sciences complex.

Here Travel Begins at 40 explores how a young Valencian start-up has managed to grow exponentially over the past two years, and is set to welcome even more international guests over the coming few years alongside the growth of Valencia as a popular tourist destination.

The Experience

Guests are encouraged to explore Valencia in the most authentic way possible, starting from the very beginning of the experience when they are personally greeted by local guides and a private driver straight from their accommodation. This allows the guest to immediately feel at home in Valencia and begin to contextualise the city. From there, they travel to the famous futuristic complex of the City of Arts & Sciences for a comprehensive tour of Calatrava’s architectural masterpiece. Being guided by a local expert, visitors are treated to insider secrets and stories about the city’s modernistic zone. After gaining an insight into the modern city from ground level, guests are then granted the exclusive opportunity to view this complex from a bird’s-eye view from the comfort of a private rooftop terrace in an authentic Valencian home.

Sea Saffron
Guests enjoy a tapas menu

It is here that travellers are invited to share in a gourmet 10-course tapas menu and wine-tasting of prizewinning regional wines, learning about the origin of the traditional foods throughout. Menus are changed seasonally to showcase the best of local produce, and can be tailored to cater for any dietary requirements. Whilst traditional Spanish cuisine can be predominantly meat-heavy, Sea Saffron recognises the growth of vegetarianism and veganism in their international clientele and aim to reflect that open-mindedness with their tailor-made menus. Making the experience as personalised as possible is paramount for the Sea Saffron team, which is why experiences are limited to a maximum of 10 people per tour and why the team endeavours to provide expert local recommendations for guests to enhance the rest of their visit to Valencia. After sharing the best of Valencian sights, gastronomy and stories over the course of 4 hours, guests are accompanied by private driver back to their accommodation or location of their choice.

For more information on what to do in Valencia, read Valencia: Spain’s Top Destination for 2018.

Sea Saffron Story

Sea Saffron was born in 2016 when young entrepreneur, Valencian-born Eduardo Aguilar, decided to launch a project encompassing his key passions: food, wine, and Valencia. The driving force behind the idea was primarily to share something authentic and unique to foreign travellers visiting Valencia, but also to introduce an innovative idea into the Food Tourism sector. As passionate Valencians and warm and welcoming hosts, Eduardo and his team have hosted over 1,000 international visitors over the last 2 years, sharing their knowledge, culinary delights and stunning panoramic views.

Sea Saffron
Night time Views from the Terrace of the City of Arts & Sciences complex

Sea Saffron strive to be a sustainable tourism company by supporting local businesses as much as possible. This is why their experiences hand-design menus to optimise the best of local produce, changing seasonally to support local agriculture. They also source prizewinning regional wines for their gourmet wine-tasting experiences, to shine a light on Valencia’s ‘Utiel-Requena’ wine region, which can be viewed from the Sea Saffron rooftop terrace.

During their visit, travellers are encouraged to live as “Valencian” as possible, not only learning the culture and history of the city and eating the best of the regional cuisine, but also being invited into a Valencian home. The intimate group size, combined with the exclusiveness and authenticity of the venues, provides a really special and memorable experience.

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