Talk about an overnight success, within three days of opening Bubble Tent was fully booked until August 2018.

Based in Capertee, New South Wales, Bubble Tent offers you the ultimate experience of nature in cosy comfort shielded from the elements and any annoying buzzing creatures. It works on a slightly over-pressurised system where the air continuously refills the tent through the aid of an eco-turbine fully operated by batteries and solar. There’s a compost toilet and a pump water for the basin and even a rinsing area that is the camping equivalent of a shower.

Bubble tent provides pretty much everything, including a telescope with which guests can take a close-up photo of the moon using only their smartphone, an iPad with birdwatching apps, curated playlists and the most amazing stargazing app called luminous, which allows you to take a virtual tour of the solar system and beyond. It allows you to point to any object in the sky and find out the name and other interesting details, including man-made satellites.

Credit Mayumi Iwasaki

All guests have to do is bring the following:

  • Backpack or overnight bag with clothing – extra during winter but won’t hurt to bring warm clothes during the other months too.
  • Bring food and drink for your stay – you’ll wish for an antipasto plater during the sunset
  • Your favourite tipples (or use the second day to get some in Rylstone, Mudgee or Orange)
  • Things that you like to do when not doing much, painting, reading, writing, singing …
  • Camera – how else will you make your friends jealous?

“We actually just had a couple in their 60s that came and stayed for two nights, and upon reaching it and seeing the site pretty much immediately booked in for a third night,” say the owners, Mayu Iwasaki and Sonny Vrebac. “They loved the rustic nature of it and that it still preserves the feeling of a camping adventure with one big caveat: it’s super unique. They said we were amongst the ‘top two things they’ve ever done’ I hope we’re number one in the two. While we don’t mandate a two-day stay minimum, which tends to happen with some glamping sites that we see, you really only get to experience it properly and without rush when you give yourself a bit more time, and gives you a back in case of inclement weather.”

The activities nearby include helicopter tours, wine tours, hiking, abseiling, canoeing, fishing and ecotours. There are a few different hammock spots too either in the shade or further up on the hill with the spectacular views.

Although there is no room in the bubble until late next year, the Bubble Tree owners have ordered more tents on the way, offering more spectacular experiences in and vantage points around the property. They just ask potential guests to be patient in them getting back to them.