As travel begins its recovery from the global pandemic, Tourism Cares, has unveilled a new vision to a more sustainable and thriving future to better support the evolving needs of the people and places of travel.

Since its founding nearly 20 years ago, Tourism Cares has united the travel industry and mobilised it to create needed change. As a result, the organisation has furthered not only sustainability goals, but direct economic benefits for communities around the world.

To reflect its refreshed organisational approach to meet travel’s new sustainability challenges, it collaborated in a rebranding initiative and developed a new logo to complement its renewed positioning.

In its role as a catalyst for cross-sector cooperation within the travel industry, Tourism Cares expanded its membership categories to allow individual travel professionals to join.

Jordan Cultural Imersion, credi Tourism Cares
Jordan Cultural Imersion, credi Tourism Cares

“It’s a powerful new direction”, said Robin Tauck, Chairwoman of Tourism Cares. “We know that a large population of travel professionals are fueled by their passion to work in this industry and by the opportunity to use their work to make a positive change in the world.  By uniting this great industry around sustainability, we deliver on a collective mission for meaningful and responsible action by corporations, foundations, businesses, and individuals. We welcome all to join us.”

Travel professionals can join Tourism Cares by making an annual US$99 donation, which provides access to education platforms, professional development, consulting, and registration to Tourism Cares signature programmes. More information is at

Tourism Cares CEO Greg Takehara said the organisation’s focus on sustainability has expanded from assembling volunteer opportunities domestically to include models for global involvement and investment in social and environmental impact organisations.

“As a result, we launch and participate in initiatives that support meaningful and responsible practices while also providing direct economic benefits, through tourism, for local communities around the world,” he said. “In addition to fostering collaboration, we provide tools and resources that are creating the foundation for new models of tourism.

“Our legacy has evolved to create positive social, environmental, and economic impact for the people and places of travel. Our updated branding reflects a refreshed vision for the future and a renewed and strengthened commitment to come together as a global community.”

For more information on Tourism Cares initiatives and projects, visit Main image: Event Providence Volunteers Paint Mural, Credit Tourism Cares.