Vueling  has introduced a new onboard menu with more plant-based and gluten-free options and launches its first cabin incentive programme to reduce its footprint. 

The airline has renewed its onboard menu offer with a greater range of products and vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options suitable for coeliacs. Some of the vegan options include a box of vegan snacks (with roasted red pepper dip, rosemary crackers, seasoned green olives, hummus and baklava) and a quinoa salad with chickpeas and mint.

Vueling menu
Vueling’s new menu

The gluten-free products include a vegan biscuit with double chocolate, hazelnut and banana and a delicious chocolate brownie. The little ones can enjoy the redesigned, healthier children’s menu that includes an organic strawberry and banana snack with no added sugar or salt.

For the first time, and in line with its commitment to sustainability, the airline has introduced a programme to incentivise customers to reduce the use of single-use packaging on board.

From now on, if a customer brings their glass, they will have a 50 cent discount on the purchase of their drink.

Vueling will also offer the possibility of buying a cup or a reusable aluminium bottle with which a hot drink or soft drink will be offered free of charge.

Vueling estimates that more than 800 tonnes of plastic in 2021 were reduced thanks to the introduction of eco-friendly materials in its cabin packaging.