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Discover the World has further expanded its Small Ship Expedition Cruise Collection, adding three new holiday itineraries, one of which is brand new to the market, offering a much wider geographic spread and demonstrating its position as one of the UK’s leading small cruise specialists.

The three new additions range from witnessing migrating grey whales and snorkelling with sea lions in Baja California to exploring rare tropical fjords and botanical UNESCO World Heritage sites along the coast of Costa Rica and, offered to the UK market for the first time in 2020, seeing Komodo dragons and the active Krakatoa volcano whilst sailing Indonesia aboard new vessel Coral Adventurer (making its debut in 2019).

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica at Sunrise.

From the icy waters of the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland to the sun-kissed Southern Pacific, Alaska’s Inside Passage, Canada’s remote islands and inlets, North West Australia and now Mexico, Costa Rica and Indonesia, the full collection spans five continents and encompasses over 50 different itineraries.

The vessels featured in this collection hold a maximum of 200 passengers, although most carry only 40-120, meaning they can easily navigate narrow channels and drop anchor in shallow bays, enabling passengers to reach remote areas that are often inaccessible to larger cruise ships.

The holidays not only allow passengers to explore little-visited corners of the world but also encounter an impressive array of wildlife, uncover local traditions and gain a real understanding and appreciation of the planet, with help from a team of expedition experts including marine biologists, ornithologists, naturalists, geologists, historians and photographers.

New Itinerary & New Vessel for 2020: Komodo Dragons and Krakatoa – 120 passengers

Komodo dragons.The Komodo dragon stands on its hind legs and open mouth.

This itinerary by Coral Expeditions is brand new to the market and offers the chance to enjoy a leisurely exploration of Indonesia’s islands on board new custom-designed expedition vessel Coral Adventurer; a 60-berth ship boasting six zodiacs, a lecture lounge and private balconies. Sailing from Singapore to Darwin in Australia, this 17-night holiday visits tropical jungles, the floating markets of Banjarmasin, the site of the world’s largest recorded volcanic explosion at Krakatoa and the incredible Ujung Kulon Park (home to over 700 species of plant life and the endangered Java rhinoceros) as well as the chance to snorkel amongst coral reefs, walk amongst dragons in Komodo and spend time with orangutans at Pondok Tanggui rehabilitation centre in the Tanjung Putting National Park.

There are just two departures on 15 January and 02 February 2020, with prices from £8,208pp for 17 nights based on two sharing a room aboard the Coral Adventurer on a full board basis including all excursions, shore landings and airport transfers. Price excludes international flights.

New to Discover the World: Baja California Explorer – 88 passengers

Californian sea lion swimming and playing in the reefs of los islotes in Espiritu Santo island at La paz,

This week-long holiday offers the perfect way to explore the countless rugged coves and islands of the Baja California peninsula, discovering desert landscapes, quiet beaches and incredible wildlife aboard the Safari Endeavour. Beginning and ending in Mexico’s La Paz harbour, this itinerary takes in the Isla San Francisco, with the chance to snorkel and kayak against a backdrop of red bluffs, before exploring the pretty Bahía Agua Verde coast by skiff, taking a mule ride into the mountains with a local ranchero, cruising the UNESCO Sea of Cortez, snorkelling with sea lions, rays and dolphins along the Isla Partida and boarding small Panga boats to spot curious whale sharks in Bahía de La Paz and grey whales in the Bahía Magdalena, and even take to the water to swim alongside them.

There are 14 departures between 21 December 2019 and 21 March 2020, with prices from £3,626pp for seven nights based on two sharing a room on a full board basis including all excursions, shore landings and airport transfers. Price excludes international flights.

New to Discover the World: Costa Rica and Panama Discovery Cruise – 66 passengers

A colourful Red-Eyed Tree Frog sitting along a vine in its tropical setting.

From the verdant jungles of Costa Rica to the man-made wonders of the Panama Canal, this 10-night cruise takes in abundant marine wildlife, ancient indigenous traditions, spectacular coastlines and countless islands off the Pacific Coast, sailing from San Jose in Costa Rica to Panama City aboard the Safari Voyager. Along the way, enjoy guided tours of three UNESCO world heritage sites (Darien Jungle, Coiba National Park and Fort San Lorenzo), guided hikes in the Corcovado National Park, home to 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity, cruise through the Golfo Dulce (one of just four tropical fjords in the world), sail the Panama Canal at night, visit a traditional Embera village to learn about the Indigenous way of life and come face-to-face with monkeys, sloths, dolphins and turtles.

There are 14 departures between 20 November 2019 and 29 March 2020, with prices from £5,510pp for 10 nights based on two sharing a room on a full board basis including all excursions, shore landings and transfers. Price excludes international flights.

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