Heritage Responsible Expedition Cruises


Known for its responsible expedition travel and support of conservation projects, New Zealand-based operator, Heritage Expeditions, has a unique collection of voyages in Antarctica’s Ross Sea, the Russian Far East, South Pacific and New Zealand’s Subantarctic islands,

Its itineraries include:

Wrangel Island: Across the Top of the World

A 15-day voyage to the world’s leading maternity ward for polar bears where, during a recent voyage, guests saw more than 100 of the fascinating creatures. Departs 13 July 2020, 3 August 2020 and 17 August 2020. From US$10,000pp twin share for 15 days.

Siberia’s Forgotten Coast : Kamchatka

Teeming with wildlife from Kamchatka brown bears to humpback, sperm, northern Minke, orca and Baird’s beaked whales, it is also home to the critically-endangered spoon-billed sandpiper, which Heritage has worked for many years to help protect. Departs 23 June 2020. From US$8,640pp twin share for 14 days.

Galapagos of the Southern Ocean

The spectacular wildlife haven of Australia’s Macquarie Island and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of New Zealand’s Subantarctic Islands represent a hugely important wildlife refuge, where rowdy penguins breed, megaherbs flourish, seals, sea lions and elephant seals sunbathe and unusual, rare birds abound. Departs 20 November and 11 December 2020. From US$8,300pp twin share for 13 days.

Indonesian Explorer: Raja Ampat to Papua New Guinea

Swim with whale sharks in Kwatisore Bay, explore the turquoise waters and rainbow corals of Raja Ampat, traverse powdery white sand beaches, untamed jungles, home to red, Wilsons and lesser bird-of-paradise, visiting World War II relics and lost tribes along the way.Departs 28 September 2020. From US$7,995pp twin share for 13 days.

Each expedition is meticulously planned and led, ensuring passengers maximise every opportunity to learn, discover and experience as much as possible, while minimising the impact of their visit. 

Mark Bibby Jackson

Mark Bibby Jackson

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