The World Museum, Liverpool, has recently launched an exhibition displaying ten of the 2,000 year old terracotta warriors from the Terracotta Army, that showcase almost 1,000 years of Chinese history. Why not see the original life-size collection in Xi’an with One Traveller, the tour operator for mature, single travellers over 50? 

Their 16-day China tour begins in Beijing, exploring the Forbidden City and The Great Wall, before travelling to Xi’an, in central China, to discover China’s greatest archaeology discovery from the past century – The Terracotta Warriors. The tour will continue to Guilin, a city in Southern China which is home to many well-preserved ancient buildings and worn bluestone streets, before travelling to Shanghai where the tour will come to an end.

The 16-day China tour takes place 17 October – 1 November and 31 October – 15 November 2018, and costs £3,430.

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