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So, it’s Friday at last, but what have you got lined up for the weekend? A few jobs around the house and a supermarket shop? Well, imagine you could spend a long weekend on an African safari, tracking leopards through golden grasslands. Sounds wonderful, but of course you’re thinking that Africa is too far, too complicated and, well, just not feasible for a weekend away. Or is it?

Thanks to an ever increasing number of direct flights between Europe and various African safari destinations, a long weekend on an African safari isn’t as outlandish as it sounds. Here, the experts at Safaribookings give their top three suggestions for easy but action-packed long weekends on an African safari…

Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Just moments from Nairobi airport and with an impressive population of buffalo, rhino, lino and various antelope, the savannah and acacia forest of Nairobi National Park is the perfect location for a long weekend on an African safari. Clock off work on a Friday evening, take an overnight flight to Nairobi, and be on safari in Nairobi National Park before breakfast on Saturday. In the space of just two days the savvy traveller could go on morning and evening safaris in the park, check out Nairobi’s giraffe centre, elephant orphanage, national museum and more. Come Sunday night guests can hop on a night flight back to Europe and be in the office by Monday morning.

Days on safari: Saturday and Sunday

Best time to visit: June to March

Safari tours: https://www.safaribookings.com/tours/nairobi-np-private-safari-tours

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

If you love gorillas, instead of visiting a zoo at the weekend, you might as well go on weekends mountain gorilla tracking in Rwanda’s ravishingly beautiful Volcanoes National Park. By taking a Friday night flight to Rwanda’s capital Kigali, travellers could be in their lodge at Volcanoes National Park before lunch on Saturday. Then, spend the afternoon doing a mountain forest trek, birdwatching or on a village visit. The highlight of the weekend, however, will come on the Sunday morning when you gaze deeply into the eyes of a huge mountain gorilla on a tracking trip. Spend an extra day here and go and see the big groups of habituated golden monkeys as well, arriving back in the office on the Tuesday morning.

Days on safari: Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Best time to visit: June to September; December to February

Safari tours: https://www.safaribookings.com/tours/short-luxury-volcanoes-np-safari-tours

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Africa at its most romantic. Africa at its most beautiful. Africa at its most pristine. This is the Serengeti and put simply there’s nowhere better to experience the majesty of wild Africa. For those with four days (weekend included) at their disposal, why not watch the great migrating herds of wildebeest moving in clouds of dust over the plains, taking just two days annual leave. Fly to Kilimanjaro airport and then take a bush flight to your chosen camp in the Serengeti and, just a few hours after boarding a flight in Europe, you’ll be sat back with a thirst-quenching gin and tonic in hand. A four day break would guarantee at least two full days in the Serengeti, which is enough time to ensure that you’ll be desperate to return again for longer.

Days on safari: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Best time to visit: June to October; January to Feburary

Safari tours: https://www.safaribookings.com/tours/3-day-luxury-serengeti-safari-tours

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