A Travel Guide to Indonesia’s Best Islands

The Indonesia archipelago consists of more than 18 000 islands and each one of them offers unique experiences and natural landscapes.

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The Indonesia archipelago consists of more than 18 000 islands and each one of them offers unique experiences and natural landscapes. Their magnificent beaches, rice paddies and cultural villages make the Indonesian islands one of the best and most famous in the world.

The best way to explore Indonesia’s wonders is cruising. You will enjoy the sandy beaches and experience the sunset or the sunrise in breathtaking scenic locations. So we recommend you take a luxury Indonesian cruise to get the chance to visit the most remote spots in the world and enjoy the sceneries with delicious local cuisine and adventurous and memorable on-shore excursions. These lands are home to limitless charms, they are the home of fascinating endemic species and lush hills views with thriving wildlife and extraordinary cultural heritage.

In our little travel guide, we will explore Indonesia’s best islands that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. Many of the places in Indonesia are still unknown to the tourists, so following our small map of island exploration, you will take a glimpse of a small portion of these beauties. Each of them offers unique experiences and takes you on a great adventure.

Bali Island

Bali island is the favorite tourist attraction for budget travelers and luxury seekers. Everyone will find their little adventure on this island with the countless jungles, waterfalls, volcanoes, beaches, temples and many more astonishing sceneries. Among the places, you can visit in Bali are Ubud, Uluwatu and Kintamani. Bali is a world-acclaimed paradise on earth with its newly discovered attractions and expat communities. The delicious food, the natural features, the one-of-a-kind shopping experience, and the never-ending adventure will make you fall in love with this island over and over again. Bali is the home of Balinese Hinduism, so the temple surroundings will give you a different perspective of how religion is worshiped on this island. But, keep in mind that the traffic is quite bad in the city, so you can either rent a scooter or a tuk-tuk with someone who knows what are doing.

 Copyright: PexelsI License: CC0 Public  Domain
Copyright: PexelsI License: CC0 Public Domain

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is famous for the Komodo dragons which are the world’s largest lizards that are as big as a water buffalo and should be on your bucket list if you plan a trip to this beautiful place. The Komodo National Park is UNESCO protected world heritage, so a visit to this island will enrich your cultural experience. The islands are rich pink and white sand beaches, coral reefs where you can dive and scenic mountains to hike. The fascinating views and breathtaking beaches will justify the recent fame this island got on the map of popularity. So, plan your next adventure to Komodo island to find your glimpse of tranquility and joy.

Flores Island

The main tourist attraction on Flores island is the Kelimutu Lakes where you will get the unique experience of watching turquoise-colored volcanic lakes. You can also visit the Kelimutu National Park, Mount Inerie, Koka Beach and Labuan Bajo. The name of the island comes from the Portuguese word for “flowers” which the island itself is rich in different ethnic groups with their unique customs and cultures, living their lifestyles away from the rest of the world. The villages like Wae Rebo are worth visiting since you can be a witness to beautiful traditional houses and astonishing mountain vista.

Java Island

Java is Indonesia’s most populated island that is rich in enchanting volcanic landscapes and smoking craters. Kawah Ijen and Mount Bromo are the main tourist attractions, while the ancient temples in the center of the island are something out of this world. Big waterfalls and surreal crater lakes will take you on an unforgettable adventure of island experiences that you will remember forever. The Prambanan temple and Dieng Plateau are among the other tourist attractions that you must visit while planning your trip.

Mount Bromo
Sunrise at volcano Bromo, Java island, Indonesia. Panoramic aerial view, Deposit Photos.

Bintan Island

Bintan Island is a popular place in Singapore that tourists use as a getaway from the busy life in the city. You can easily find an English-speaking community here besides the language barriers. The island is an untypical Sumatrand island that is rich in lavish resorts, avant-garde activities, and modern attractions that will keep you busy and entertained during your stay there. Moreover, the first seawater lagoon which is a flying club that will let you ride an open-cockpit seaplane is one of the best activities on the island. Sounds attractive? Then, plan your next trip to this paradise on earth.

Morotai Island

The raw natural wonders of the Morotai island are a land that is yet to be explored. Remote small islands, hidden virgin beaches, tropical heaven, and diving in the underwater wonder of coral reefs are some of the best activities here. You can visit a lot of historical sites and learn more about their history and predecessors. Don’t wait and plan the trip of your dreams now.

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