The Ultimate Tips for Planning Your Route 66 Road Trip

We'll take you through the landmarks you can’t miss out on your journey across Route 66


It’s one of those routes that anyone who loves road-tripping would love to check off their bucket list one day: America’s Main Street, the Mother Road: Route 66. You best be warned that travelling along this iconic route is not for the faint of heart; you’ve got to be vigilant, prepared and ready to take in all the beauty of the open road between Chicago and Los Angeles.

In this road trip guide, we’ll take you through the landmarks you can’t miss out on and the essential tips you’ll need to be able to make your journey across Route 66 the most exhilarating one.

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What makes Route 66 so iconic?

As with most things in the States, the draw to this fascinating route is the history behind it. Today, Route 66 is a symbol of America’s fascinating heritage, as the creation of this road is what afforded millions of Americans the opportunity to relocate and paved the way for new opportunities, all while showcasing the country’s breathtaking scenery.

However, over time, the original highway was reperstates, and by 1985, it was removed altogether from the U.S. Highway System. Yes, unfortunately, the original road no longer exists on modern maps, but it will forever be imprinted on the hearts of Americans.

Tips to have the best Route 66 trip

Before you hit the road, you’ll need to spend some time going over logistics and plotting out your best plan of action. The worst thing you can do on your road trip is get out there with no sense of direction. Here’s what to consider:

Select your destinations beforehand:

Whichever direction you’re coming from and going to, it’s best to map out your destinations before. Be specific about the locations you wish to stop at, and how long you intend on staying there for. Look into which accommodations are available in those areas and book in advance.

Choose specific maps and guidebooks:

Since the route technically doesn’t exist, there aren’t specific signs to guide you along your way. So, you’ll need to rely on specific maps and guidebooks that follow a similar way to the original route. The benefit of this, unless you’re a trust, is that you can skip out on certain points to save time.

Use a trustworthy vehicle :

This route is not for the unpredictable car that could give out at the smallest inconvenience. You need a reliable car that can handle long journeys. For those looking to rent a vehicle, there are so many options to consider. You could even opt for an RV, which will help cut out the expense of finding places to sleep.

Finalise a budget:

There’s no denying that road trips can be really expensive (thanks to inflation), so you need to set a budget for yourself to ensure you don’t spend way more than you intended.  Ask yourself the following in order to set a realistic budget:

  • What vehicle am I going to drive?
  • How many nights will I spend in accommodation?
  • Where and what am I going to eat?
  • How many days do I intend to travel?

Best pit stops en route Route 66

Now for the fun part – getting to plan your pit stops. With the expansion of new roads along the original route, you have a lot more options of where to stay and which areas you’d rather skip. Here are some of the best places to stop off at along the Route 66 from Illinois to California:


  • Midwest Hot Roads
  • Joliet Area Historical Museum


  • Meramec Caverns
  • Red Oak II


  • Galena Mining and Historical Museum
  • Brush Creek Bridge


  • Blue Whale Catoosa
  • National Route 66 Museum


  • Devil’s Rope Museum
  • Cadillac Ranch

New Mexico

  • Blue Hole Lake
  • Santa Maria Mission


  • Barringer Crater
  • Grand Canyon Caverns


  • Western America Railroad Museum
  • Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

Final Thoughts

Route 66 awaits anyone with a love for history, beautiful scenery and a whole lot of history. There are so many places to see and admire, but you need to be prepared for whatever awaits on the road ahead. Planning your route, including the roads you’ll take and the places you want to stop over at, and budgeting correctly will help you enjoy everything Route 66 has to offer.

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