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5 Reasons to Visit the Julian Alps in 2022


With travel firmly back on the agenda for 2022, we have created a list of the top 5 reasons why the Julian Alps in Slovenia should be top of your getaway bucket list. From incredible nature and idyllic views to active adventures and locally-sourced food, the Julian Alps is the destination that has it all.

1. Breathtaking nature wherever you go

The Julian Alps is home to some of Slovenia’s most beautiful destinations with its crystal clear lakes, an emerald green river and incredible mountain landscapes. Discover a natural paradise with picturesque views and charming alpine towns, see the natural wonders of the iconic Lake Bled and the emerald green River Soča. Head to the crystal clear Lake Bohinj where the healing waters have been revitalising travellers for centuries. The Julian Alps is a destination like no other.

2. A sustainable getaway to one of the world’s greenest countries

With ever-increasing awareness of the climate crisis, sustainability is high on many people’s travel agenda for 2022. Fortunately, Slovenia is one of the greenest countries in the world! The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism certifies destinations and businesses with sustainable tourism principles and many destinations within the Julian Alps have been recognised for their environmental efforts. Bohinj is the only destination in Slovenia to have received a prestigious platinum label, the highest award available. Meanwhile Bled, Brda, Kranjska Gora and the Soča Valley are all proud owners of golden labels. Look out for the Green Scheme label and make your trip away as sustainable as possible!

3. An abundance of active adventures on offer

The Julian Alps are a thrill seekers dream come true! Get your adrenaline pumping whilst taking in stunning birds-eye views with exhilarating activities like skydiving, paragliding or ziplining! Looking for somewhere to take the whole family? Raise everyone’s heart rate with an exciting exploration of nature at an adventure park.

julian alps slovenia
Lake Bled, Slovenia

There are few better places to cycle or hike than the Julian Alps with the incredible 290km Juliana Bike route and the vast 270km Juliana hiking trail. These offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes as you travel across one of the country’s most beautiful and diverse areas. The Julian Alps is a gravel biking paradise with ever changing landscapes, leave the beaten path and carve your own route for an unforgettable adventure.

Revitalise your body and soul with an adventure on the water as you discover wild canyons, crystal clear pools and slide down natural waterfalls to swim in the refreshing waters below. Experience canyoning, boating and diving surrounded by breathtaking nature. Uncover another world as you dive beneath the surface of the Julian Alps tranquil lakes and rivers. Try kayaking or enjoy yoga sessions to unwind towards a sense of complete tranquillity while looking out at snow-capped mountain peaks.

4. Locally-produced food unique to the region

Experience a unique culinary journey through the Julian Alps. Slovenia was awarded the prestigious title of European Region of Gastronomy in 2021 and the Julian Alps is home to some of the country’s finest cuisine. From traditional recipes in local establishments to gourmet creations by top chefs in fine dining restaurants, there is something for every visitor.  As you travel through the Julian Alps, each town and village has its own culinary speciality.

Discover more about the traditional food of Slovenia.

Sample cheese from Bohinj, boiled strudel from Kobarid and the famous Bled cream cake as well as local honey producers. In spring local restaurants offer dishes made using edible wild plants whilst in autumn they offer home-made specialities made from locally produced natural ingredients.

Restore your energy and find out why Slovenia has been quietly establishing a reputation as one of Europe’s most exciting culinary destinations, particularly for their emphasis on sustainable garden-to-table dining.

5. A hidden gem winter sports destination

During the winter, visitors can take advantage of the fantastic Julian Alps International Ski Pass which offers access to 5 top Slovenian ski resorts plus 7 in Italy and 3 in Austria! The pass makes it simple and affordable to combine more than one resort in the same trip. It covers the Slovenian resorts of Kanin, Kranjska Gora, Krvavec, Cerkno and Soriška Planina. With 126 lifts and 280km of ski slopes in total there are countless exhilarating runs to experience and night skiing will allow you to pack plenty of time on the slopes into even a short trip. Advanced skiers can see what it’s like to be a pro and take on the challenging world-cup downhill run in Kranjska Gora.

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