While we are all waiting for the pandemic to pass, many of us have already started to day-dream about their future holidays. Over the next few days Travel Begins at 40 will provide some suggestions for a post-lockdown getaway with a focus on outdoor activities so that they can all be enjoyed with social distancing measures in mind. First off – Menorca’s Biosphere Reserve.

Menorca is one of the best-preserved natural areas in the whole of the Mediterranean. The island was recognised by UNESCO as a natural biosphere reserve in 1993, thanks to its impressive biodiversity, richness of flora and fauna and the quality of the rural landscape and archaeological heritage.

Despite its size, Menorca is home to nearly 220 species of birds and 1,000 species of plants, 60 of which are endemic.


Visitors to Menorca can delve into its natural offering by exploring it through the island’s multiple walking routes.

One of these trails, Camí de Cavalls is a historic path running around the entire coastline of the island. Thanks to investment from the Sustainable Tourism Tax, the path has recently been improved with new footpaths and traditional stone hedges allowing visitors to circumnavigate the island and enjoy the Menorcan peaceful environment even more comfortably.

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